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What is Pokemon GO Plus And How To Use it?

Niantic, Inc as an American software development and also the publisher at July 6, 2016, officially released Pokemon GO and unfortunately the game only playable around the selected region (Australia, United States, and New Zealand). And for Pokemon fans non-selected country to have to wait. If you insisted, want to playing the game. You can read our guide how to download and play Pokemon Go. For today, we want to share what is Pokemon Go Plus and how to use it. And also what benefit use it.

The Pokemon Go Plus is a small device (use it like the wristwatch) that will give you alerts when you're not looking at your smartphone. The working of the tool is very simple, just connected the device to your Bluetooth, and boom, it will notify (vibration and LED) you about what events such as Pokemon nearby in the game.

The main feature in Pokemon Go Plus:

1. Tell you that Pokemon is nearby
You will know there are Pokemon is nearby when the device vibrate and LED will flash. It will do the same thing when you pass a Pokestop. All you need to do is just press the button (At the middle of the device) to throw the ball. And it will be flash and vibrate when you successful catch the Pokemon.

*Please note: When using Pokemon GO Plus, you'll only be able to throw the ball if you have caught the Pokemon before.

2. Alerts you when you're near the POKESTOP
When you're in the range of a Pokestop, the device will vibrate and flash.
And all you have to do is just press the button to search the items. If you find any items in the process, tap it or swipe to add items to your inventory.

Five reasons why you should buy Pokemon GO Plus:
1. Life saver when you're busy and not in the front on your smartphone.
2. You don't have to hold your phone. With Pokemon Go Plus, you are ready to go.
3. Combined with LED and vibration as your alerts, you wouldn't missing any chance to catch a Pokemon.
4. Connected to your Bluetooth with low energy to saving the power of your smartphone.
5. Looks cool? Oh yeah. Peoples around you will notice as soon as they see your device and you're the real master Pokemon.


Pokemon GO Plus is designed for you to make it more quickly and have no time. And if you the real Pokemon Go fans, I think it's worth to buy it. If you want this device, you have to spend $34.99 (US region), and you are ready to go.

Here is the trailer of Pokemon GO:

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