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Tips And Tricks How to Playing Pokemon GO

Become a Pokemon Master is a dream for any Pokemon fans around the world. And since it launched in July 2016, many people searching for the tips and trick Pokemon GO. As you can see, friendships are being tested in here. So to become a Pokemon master you need to know inside and outside of the game.

Tips And Tricks How to Playing Pokemon GO

And today we Are going to give you five tips and tricks how to playing Pokemon GO.

1. Fast way to incubate eggs without having to walk
In POKEMON GO, you can obtain an egg in the Pokestops. And of course, you need to hatch it using egg incubator. It depends on what eggs you get (2 km, 5 km, 10 km) and the funny thing is, you can't just put the egg in the incubator, but you have to walk. For example, if I have an egg with 5 km, then I had to walk or run 5 km to hatching the egg. To hatch the egg, you'll need to keep the application open and phone screen on to have the distance you cover.

Pro Tips* You can use your vehicle to make it fast. But no more than 25MPH. Why not? Because people don't run faster than 25 MPH. And also please don't play Pokemon GO while you are driving. I mean, seriously stop that.

An easy way to archive it is biking. Yes, it's much more safe than using your car or motorcycle. Another method that you can do is using Pokemon GO Plus, which you don't need to stare your smartphone while riding.

2. Find the Pokemon without walking
Sound crazy right? Yes in Pokemon World you had to walk to find the Pokemon. And what you have to do if you in the office or busy do something? Don't worry friend; you can use Incense in the item shop. And Incense is a mysterious fragrance that lures wild Pokemon to your location. And the duration of the potion is 30 minutes. It's more than enough to catch a Pokemon.

3. Visiting and revisiting Pokestops
Always run out of Poke Ball, Incense, potion, or revive? Maybe you never or you just visit Pokestops once a while. We have tested it and with just visiting and revisiting Pokestops you will never run out the items. Pokestops itself always refresh over time and visiting the same location is the best way to stock up your Pokeball and the other items.

4. Look the rustling leaves
The best way to searching Pokemon is looking the rustling leaves at your smartphone. High chance you will find a wild Pokemon nearby the rustling leaves the area, and also you always have to check what kind creatures in this field by tapping the menu at lower right corner on your screen.

5. Throw the Pokeball curving for more XP
There are always an XP whenever you successfully catch the Pokemon. And there is a trick to collected more XP called the curveball. If you watch Pokemon, then you know how the Pokemasters throw the ball.

How to throw that ball? Usually, people will throw the ball forward. And in Curveball you just need to tap and hold the screen, then several times spin it around in a circle. Then throw it forward. If the ball gets a bit of glimmer (like a sparks) coming from the ball, then you doing it right.


There are still many ways to become the Pokemon master. And one of Pokemon master hyperion995 uses a drone to visit untouchable locations. What strategies do you use to Pokemon Go? You can share your tips and tricks by the comment in our blog.

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